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Personal finances, running effective meetings, management basics, leadership and team building skills.


Michael Campbell

Owner & Founder, The SmarterVision

Ian Orme

Associate Director of Sustainability, Mace Group

Ian Allard, BREEAM AP

Associate Director of Sustainability, Mace Group

Michael Browning

Owner, Allstate Insurance Agency

Dr. Kevin Bukatman

Founder & President of College Planning Service America

Nicholas Bucci CFP®

Financial Advisor, BLBB Advisors

Jonathan Cameron CFP®

Founder & Principal, CameronDowning, Inc.

Oluwaseun Adebayo-Omoju

Head of Business Development, Autusbridge Consulting

Fern Gookin, LEED AP

Director of Sustainability, Revolution Recovery

Lisa Conway, LEED®AP ID+C

VP, Sustainability - Americas Interface

Michael Asher, PMP, CPM

Senior Project Manager, CRB

Paul Falding

IPS, UK Head of Project Controls

Megan Kelly

Mace Group, Director of Recruiting

Kevin Cuthill, CFP®, AAMS®

Edward Jones, Financial Planner

Alan Levy

Epee Education, Founder / President

Austin Hodge

Genesis Engineers, Director of Project Controls

Tom Bell

Vertex Labs, CEO / Co-Founder

Emilie Pelletier, PE

Iovance Biotherapeutics, Sr. Director of Process Engineering

Steven Jacobs

Global BioPharm Solutions, President

Teresa Whitney, Ph.D.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Workplace Design & Change Manager

Eleanor Small, PhD

Johnson & Johnson, Principal Scientist

Philip Gonski, PE

Burns Engineering, Sr. Project Manager

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People Love Us
and Our Strategies

Resources like Epee provide the opportunity to learn life skills that many of us weren’t provided with through high school or even college educations. There was never a three credit course in “Life Happens While We’re Learning Something Else”. Very few of us had a financial guru or life coach to help us avoid some of the mistakes we made. Had I had someone like that, I would have realised the importance of setting money aside to pay taxes when I had jobs that were commission only income. Those unpaid taxes that negatively impacted my credit took me many years to pay off and many more to fix my credit score. The courses available on Epee educate many on a variety of different platforms. Always remember that “Knowledge is Power.”

Kevin Bukatman Founder & President of College Planning Service America

"The information and education available through Epee is unique in its breath of topics of value that are unfortunately overlooked in traditional education. These topics are typically absorbed through years of on-the-job experience, mentorships, and trial-and-error. In many cases, these skills are also the ones which set individuals apart on the road to success, and the ability to obtain them early will undoubtedly help students accelerate towards their goals. I wish I had the opportunity to learn these types of lessons while I was studying in high school and college. Had I been given that opportunity, I am certain it would have helped me avoid making mistakes and miscalculations along the way."

Thomas J. Bell Founder and Chief Executive Officer - Vertex Labs

"I believe when I showed up on my first day of employment, I basically knew nothing. College teaches you the theory and some of the application of how items operate in the power industry, but many of the calculated methods at University relied on antiquated equipment and analysis."

Philip Gonski Philip Gonski Sr. Project Manager - Burns Engineering

"Our academic classes help us learn the fundamentals of engineering, and supposedly group projects teach us to “work with others.” What school did not teach me was how to lead by influence, especially when some of my colleagues are peers or out rank me."

Dr. Eleanor Small Principal Scientist - Johnson & Johnson

"As with most professionals, what I studied in school has not directly translated into my actual career. The best advice I have for any professional, young or old, is to always be learning and always be open minded, because inspiration usually comes from the least likely places."

Austin Hodge Director of Project Controls - Genesis Engineers

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We believe sharing your actual experiences and stories is the best way to address the gaps between academics and the real world, because it emulates talking with, and learning from, a more senior colleague. To accomplish this, Epee provides individual professionals and entire professional societies with a FREE virtual education platform to share their professional and life experiences and stories. With our infrastructure, you can reach and help people around the world learn all the things we wish somebody would have actually taught us. It doesn't need to be difficult. Sharing experience that's not taught in school can be as simple as recording old company lunch-and-learns that are collecting e-dust on your computer! We offer a monetization program for experienced-professional level content, but per our mission, courses for students and young adults must be offered for free. If you are interested in learning more, please drop us an email at

Actual Experience and Actual Stories

Professional stories provide critical context to academic knowledge, and they make it memorable.

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The professionals that work with Epee are vetted and here specifically to help you.

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