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“I believe when I showed up on my first day of employment, I basically knew nothing. College teaches you the theory and some of the application of how items operate in the power industry, but many of the calculated methods at University relied on antiquated equipment and analysis.”

Philip Gonski

Sr. Project Manager – Burns Engineering

“Our academic classes help us learn the fundamentals of engineering, and supposedly group projects teach us to “work with others.” What school did not teach me was how to lead by influence, especially when some of my colleagues are peers or out rank me.”

Dr. Eleanor Small

Principal Scientist – Johnson & Johnson

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Sharing your actual experiences and stories is the best way to teach young professionals. It emulates how we all learned by talking with and learning our senior colleagues at the office. With the prevalence of remote working, the need to emulate those conversations is becoming increasingly important for both companies and their young professionals. You can help us address this challenge!

To accomplish this, Epee provides professionals with a FREE virtual education platform and a modern learning management system (LMS) to share their professional and life experiences and stories. Each instructor is given their own channel to create short topical content or full courses that they can monetize.

It doesn't need to be difficult. Sharing your experience can be as simple as recording and posting something interesting to a young professional that happened that day. You can also bring new life old lunch-and-learns that have been collecting e-dust in your computer! Building a course is also intentionally simple and intuitive. Since the majority of Epee's instructors have never used an LMS, we designed it with that in mind.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at admin@localhost.

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