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Epee Membership

  • Best for students and recent grads with minimal work experience
  • Access to all beginner material
  • $9.95 per month
  • $99.95 per year (17% savings!)
  • Excludes individual courses for intermediate and advanced topics
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Individual Courses

  • Best for young professionals with some work experience
  • Intermediate and advanced topics
  • Epee membership is not required
  • Prices are determined by the Instructor
  • Courses developed and presented by experienced professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions

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For Students

Subscriptions cover beginner-level content primarily for students and new grads.  It includes a combination of full courses and short topical conversations that our Instructors feel new grads should know about.

Individually-paid courses cover Intermediate and Advanced content primarily for young professionals with some experience.  Since they may or may not want beginner-level content, we felt this is more cost effective for everybody.

Absolutely!  Our mission is to provide the topics that schools don’t teach, and the beginner material includes topics that high schools don’t teach as well.

When we use sites like that, you have to know exactly what you’re looking for to find it, and you have no idea if the information is correct.  We designed Epee with that in mind.  We vet every instructor to ensure quality, and simply by being on Epee, you already know it’s something useful that you weren’t taught in school.

PC, Mac, most tablets, and most smart phones.  A stable internet connection is a requirement regardless of the device.  Epee recommends a secure, high-speed WIFI connection for the best performance.  Users can connect via a mobile hotspot, but performance may be reduced.  Be aware of your data consumption if you do not have an unlimited data plan.

No.  Epee’s mission is to enable students and young professionals to educate themselves on the topics that schools do not teach.  Since schools do not teach most of this material, it’s not worth trying to get CEU acceptance.

For Instructors

We intentionally made this as easy as possible, since industry professionals rarely have experience with Learning Management Systems.  We built and tested the system with that in mind.

Once you’re approved as an Instructor, Epee will provide a video walkthrough and a point of contact to help you if you need it.

We’re flexible. You can use your phone and do something conversational, or you can record yourself giving a presentation on Zoom or Teams.

No transfer needed.  You upload them directly into the course as you build it.

Instructors can set their own pricing for Intermediate and Advanced Courses to make passive income with their library.

We intentionally do not monetize Beginner courses to ensure ANY student or recent grad can afford to educate themselves on the most critical topics that schools don’t teach.

We make money from subscriptions plus 15%/view for the individual courses. This fee covers our expenses for hosting, site maintenance, bandwidth, and cloud storage.

Instructors retain all rights to their own work.  Please make sure you own the rights to your work in the first place though, if some/all of your material came from other sources or companies.  Epee is not liable if an instructor infringes on a copyright.

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