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Frequently Asked Questions

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Epee will not automatically recommend courses with an education level above your own. However, you have full access to watch anything you like, and you can do so with no additional charge with membership. Note there are courses (shown as "Pro") that are exclusively for experienced professionals. These are considerably more expensive to purchase individually, and for that reason, they are not included in the monthly subscription.
Absolutely! We strongly encourage our young professionals to take the lower-level courses as well. For instance, our personal and professional development topics are almost exclusively listed as High School level. This is because topics like personal finance, mortgages and real estate, insurance, negotiating skills, resumes and interviewing, professional communications, basic legal knowledge, etc., are things that EVERYBODY should know regardless of their education level or career path.
Epee's Classes are available on most computers (PC or Mac), tablets, and smart phones. As with any streaming video, a stable internet connection is a requirement regardless of the device. Epee recommends a high-speed WIFI connection for the best and uninterrupted performance. Users can connect via a mobile hotspot, but we do not recommend that. Performance reduction and data consumption can cause your provider's overage fees if you do not have an unlimited data plan.
We welcome YPs for exactly this reason. Since Epee did not exist when you were in school, please join us to learn the real-world topics never taught in school. This is likely to be a mix of personal/professional development topics, topics specific to your field of study, and topics specific to your industry. When you're interested in changing your career trajectory or joining a different industry, Epee offers unprecedented access to learn about these types of topics OUTSIDE your immediate field and industry, which can be invaluable to growing your career. For that reason, we recommend young professionals sign up for a membership. It will save them a considerable amount of money over purchasing each class individually.
Thank you so much for showing interest in providing a class!! We want you to be part of our mission to teach what the schools do not. Please reach out to Alan Levy at to learn more and continue the conversation.
Because Epee is entirely OnDemand, this is never an issue. Epee works very much like Netflix®, just click on a class and watch it any time and anywhere as per your convenience.
YES!! Epee offers unprecedented access to learn about OTHER fields and industries from the people who actually work there. Because we provide sessions/content dedicated to specific fields and industries, both young and experienced professionals can readily educate themselves before making a change. It is invaluable to prepare yourself for an interview even without experience. Once you attend a class, you know what they actually do, and you can make communication more effective.
At this time, Epee is only available in English. As soon as we gain viewership in other countries, we will consider content in different languages to support the expansion.

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