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Did you know 9 in 10 professionals (93%) say they never use over 50% of what they learned in school? IT’S TIME TO FIX THIS

Epee provides virtual education over the topics that high schools and universities never teach. We ask industry professionals to share both their knowledge and actual experiences, so you can learn from their decades of working in complex, real-world situations. By doing this, our attendees learn and retain the application, context, and nuance that is typically missing in an academic class.

Epee also offers professionals and professional societies a FREE VIRTUAL LIBRARY to teach people around the world.
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Epee Education is pleased to announce our partnership with Comprehensive Consulting & Management, LLC (CMM) on a new venture in staffing for engineering students and young professionals in the Northeast USA.

So many potential positions for engineering students and young professionals are project-related and never get posted through HR. CCM's has a unique ability to connect students and YPs with these types of positions. This is incredibly valuable at a time entry-level positions are particularly hard to find via the normal route.

Any student or YP who is placed with a company through CCM will earn a free 1-year subscription to Epee as part of the agreement. Epee bridges the gap between academia and industry, and our partnership with CCM will enable students and YPs to actually gain experience in addition to our experience-focused online courses.



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  • Best for young professionals with some work experience
  • Intermediate and Advanced Topics
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  • Prices determined by the Instructor
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“I believe when I showed up on my first day of employment, I basically knew nothing. College teaches you the theory and some of the application of how items operate in the power industry, but many of the calculated methods at University relied on antiquated equipment and analysis.”

Philip Gonski

Sr. Project Manager – Burns Engineering

“Our academic classes help us learn the fundamentals of engineering, and supposedly group projects teach us to “work with others.” What school did not teach me was how to lead by influence, especially when some of my colleagues are peers or out rank me….”

Dr. Eleanor Small

Principal Scientist – Johnson & Johnson

“I’m personally aligned with Epee’s mission of providing young people all the things they are not taught, but should be!  There’s so much value in what Epee has to offer, and I can confirm that Alan Levy believes in that mission with every fiber of his being.”

Alison St. Onge

“I’ve learned something new every day.  Epee is a great platform for young professionals, and I found great material which we are never taught in college.”

Diksha Kuriyal

Owner, TechQilla


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