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Soft Skills - Know Thy Self (Part 2)

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Steven Jacobs 120 min
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Soft Skills - Know Thy Self (Part 2)

We all know developing our skills is important in today’s ultra-competitive world.  However, being book-smart and having a high IQ will only take you so far.  To be successful, we must effectively promote ourselves and our ideas.  This is why we need to develop our Emotional Intelligence (EI) and raise our EQ.  EI reflects our ability to understand ourselves and others, which directly translates into your ability to lead, build effective teams, and influence others. Now that we have a learned the basic understanding of ourselves from Part 1, professional trainer, entrepreneur, and CEO Steve Jacobs digs a little deeper and expands the conversation to understanding those around us.  This is key to all efforts in team building, management, and leadership.

  • Objective
    • Explain the value of self awareness regarding thinking styles.
    • List the different thinking style criteria discussed in the MBTI.
    • Compare and contrast the different thinking styles and explain how they would effect individual performance.
    • Differentiate how different thinking styles could effect team dynamics.
    • Diagram a team MBTI showing the different thinking styles.
    • Identify the team’s strengths and blindspots based on their team MBTI.
  • Topics
    • MBTI Personality Tool – Explanation of Tool, Metrics, and Personality Types
    • Detailed Discussion – Introvert vs Extravert, Sensing vs Intuiting, Thinking vs Feeling, Perception vs Judging
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