The Feedback Game: Winning Strategies for Professionals

The Feedback Game: Winning Strategies for Professionals

Giving and receiving feedback is vital for any professional, but it can also be challenging. This course is designed to provide you with the right tools and solutions for giving feedback constructively.

Target Audience

This course is for all working professionals in any sector and at any level as feedback is one of the basic factors in maintaining a seamless workflow.

Course Prerequisites

It requires no prior experience or knowledge. This course is built to gain the right communication and interpersonal skills.


This course will help you:

  • Equipped with a complete toolkit for navigating feedback conversations
  • Knowledge of practical models and techniques to offer constructive input
  • Effective ways to handle feedback gracefully

Topics Covered

This course will cover the following topics in detail:

  • The basics and common terms of feedback
  • Profound Importance of Feedback.
  • ALERT Model: A framework for properly requesting and receiving feedback.
  • Sharing feedback with others: Guidelines, common blunders, and systematic techniques.
  • Feedback Formats: Many approaches are used to provide feedback.

Course Modules

The course will help you find the right strategies through which you can take constructive feedback that will help increase your productivity. This includes:

  • Introduction and Common Terms in Professional Feedback
  • Why is Feedback Important?
  • ALERT Model for Feedback
  • Sharing Feedback with Others
  • What are the Common Mistakes to give feedback
  • Other techniques to manage feedback

By the End of this Course

  • You will comprehend the fundamentals of providing and receiving feedback in a professional setting.
  • You’ll be able to use the ALERT model to actively solicit and receive input from your peers, managers, and direct reports.
  • You’ll understand how to deliver constructive feedback utilizing tried-and-true strategies while avoiding frequent errors.
  • You will be comfortable engaging in feedback exchanges and fostering a culture of continual development.

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Elevate your communication skills in order to receive and give feedback in a generous way through “The Feedback Game: Winning Strategies for Professionals” course. Enroll in this course to have an insightful understanding of feedback for a better work culture.

Introduction & Objectives

Introduction & Objectives

Dr. Eleanor Small delves into her professional background, touches on her passion for mentorship, and outlines the course objectives.

Feedback Basics

Common Terms in Professional Feedback

Understand some common terms you may encounter in the professional world when it comes to feedback.

Why is Feedback Important?

From establishing meaningful relationships to providing guidance, learn why feedback is so important.

ALERT Model for Feedback

Ask for Feedback

Discover how to ask for feedback, including questions you can ask.

Listen Actively

In this brief lesson, Dr. Small discusses how feedback has an emotional ladder.

Express Gratitude

Here are the reasons why you should make it a point to say thank you to the person who gives you feedback.


Learn how to reflect on feedback, as Dr. Small touches on personal examples and the best advice that she was given.

Take Action and Follow-Up

When taking action, think about what to do with your blind spots and hidden strengths, consult trusted mentors, and set SMART goals.

Sharing Feedback with Others

Rule #1

What is Rule #1 in sharing feedback with others? Dr. Small explains.

10 Common Mistakes in Giving Feedback

These 10 common mistakes highlight what not to do when you give feedback.

A Model for Giving Feedback

This lesson explores one model for giving feedback – showing how feedback is so much more than just giving compliments.

PAR Statements

Meet PAR Statements – great for feedback, goal-setting, and even for putting on your resume!

SAID Model for Giving Feedback

Explore another model for giving feedback, the SAID Model.

Feedback Formats

Here’s what you should keep in mind when choosing the format of your feedback.

Recap & Questions

Recap & Questions

Dr. Small recaps the main takeaways of the course and answers some questions.

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