Mastering Effective Meetings: Tips & Tricks

Mastering Effective Meetings: Tips & Tricks

This course addresses the most common and frustrating gaps between formal education and the real-world workplace: how to run effective meetings. Everyone has faced bad meetings in their career; if you haven’t, you likely will. To bridge this gap, Epee Founder Alan Levy offers a humorous and insightful approach to mastering the art of meetings. This course introduces the “Bad Meeting Gang” (common meeting pitfalls) and the superhero team that can eliminate these issues. It concludes with practical strategies for structuring successful meetings and driving accountability.

Target Audience

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their meeting management skills, including:

  • Professionals at all levels
  • Team Leaders and Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Students and New Grads
  • Anyone involved in organizing or participating in meetings

Course Prerequisites

This course requires no prior experience or knowledge. It is suitable for all eager individuals to learn how to run effective and successful meetings.


This course will help you

Identify the common pitfalls that lead to bad meetings.
Understand the characteristics of effective meetings.
Learn how to structure a meeting to ensure success and accountability.
Implement strategies to keep meetings focused and productive.
Create an engaging and results-oriented meeting environment.

Topics Covered

The course provides a comprehensive understanding of effective meeting management, covering essential concepts, practical strategies, and real-world examples.

  • Introduction to Common Meeting Pitfalls (The Bad Meeting Gang)
  • Characteristics of Effective Meetings (The Superhero Team)
  • Structuring a Meeting for Success
  • Driving Accountability Before, During, and After Meetings
  • Practical Tips for Running Engaging and Productive Meetings
  • Real-Life Examples and Case Studies

Course Modules

The course consists of three main modules, each designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to run effective meetings that drive results.


Typical Problems that Plague Meetings


“Meeting Roles” to take down the Bad Meeting Gang


Planning for a Successful Meeting

By the End of This Course

By the end of this course, you should be able to understand what makes meetings ineffective and how to avoid these pitfalls. You’ll learn practical strategies and techniques to run structured, engaging, and result-oriented meetings. This course will empower you to transform your meeting management skills and drive accountability in your team.

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Typical Problems that Plague Meetings

Meet the "Bad Meeting Gang"!

This lesson discusses the typical problems that plague meetings.

"Meeting Roles" to take down the Bad Meeting Gang

Introducing "Meeting Roles"

This lesson introduces the concept of meeting roles to effectively deal with the typical challenges presented by the "Bad Meeting Gang" from the previous lesson.

Planning for a Successful Meeting

Agenda Introductions

This lesson introduces the need to plan for successful meetings using agendas and starts with an effective introduction section.

Planning Meeting Role Assignmenta

Alan discusses the practical assignment of meeting roles ahead of your meeting.

Kick Off Meetings and Accepting Meeting Minutes
  1. Planning for differences with Kick-Off Meetings
  2. Intentionally having the team accept the previous meeting's Minutes.
Planning for Team Updates

This lesson discussed planning for team updates and shares common challenges and best practices to deal with them.

Preparing to discuss New Business

This lesson discusses preparation to discuss New Business.  This is often the heart of the meeting where assignments and deadlines are made.  A little preparation can drive agreement, results, timeliness, and ultimately accountability.

Review Assignments and Deadlines

The last section of a strong agenda is reviewing assignments and deadlines with the team before letting them leave.


Alan recaps the lessons and closes the course.

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