Basics of Space Management for a Home Office

With so many of us working from home, Oluwaseun Adebayo-Omoju wants to share her insight on the basics of Space Management.

We all have limited space available. Oluwaseun will get you thinking about your personal and work spaces, what’s in them, and how you use them.  Her tips can help you take control of your personal and work spaces to make them – and you – more productive! This is even more helpful for those in small urban apartments.

If Oluwaseun was able to create productive work/study space for herself in a dormitory room shared with 6 other people, she can help you figure out your unique situation!!

Basics of Space Management for a Home Office

Basics of Space Management for a Home Office
  • Learn the basics of understanding and categorizing your personal and work spaces
  • Understand how space design and optimization of use translates to better productivity
  • Learn the DCAP Principle to help you optimize any space:
  • De-clutter the space
  • Classify activities done in the same
  • Allot space for each activity
  • Personalize the space for the specific activities

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