“Giving Up” can Actually be a Growth Tool!

Giving Up

We always hear that persistence is the key to success, but knowing what to give up and when to do it can be just as important. This course helps you understand the positive aspects of giving up and how it can be a strategic tool for personal and professional growth. Oluwaseun Adebayo-Omoju shares her experiences in this course and the values she gained by giving up unhealthy stressors.

Target Audience

This course is for everyone who wants to learn how to use the concept of “giving up” strategically to gain the most benefit:
Individuals seeking personal growth and better decision-making skills.
Professionals looking to improve their career strategies by knowing when to change.
Anyone interested in mental health and well-being through effective life management.

Course Prerequisites

This course doesn’t require any specific knowledge. The main requirements are an open mind and the willingness to explore unconventional growth strategies.


This course will:

  • Help you develop a deep understanding of the benefits of giving up in certain situations.
  • Learn to identify situations where giving up is the best option.
  • Understand the positive impacts of strategic quitting on mental health and productivity.
  • Gain insights into making conscious decisions that lead to a better future.

Topics Covered

This course will help you:

  • Understand the psychology behind persistence and giving up.
  • Explore real-life case studies of successful people who have strategically given up.
  • Identify personal and professional situations where quitting can be beneficial.
  • Learn more techniques for evaluating when to persist and when to let go.

Course Module

There are five modules in this course

  • Introduction & Agenda
  • What should I give up
  • When should I give up
  • Why should I give up
  • It is okay to give up

By the End of this Course

You will comprehensively understand the concept of giving up as a growth tool. You will also gain a deep perspective on making strategic decisions that enhance your personal and professional life, leading to better mental health and productivity.

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Enroll in the “Giving Up Can Actually Be a Growth Tool!” course to learn about the benefits of strategic quitting and how to use it for growth. You will become more conscious about when to persist and let go, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Introduction & Agenda

Introduction & Agenda

Oluwaseun details her background in the retail industry and touches on how this course will enable you to use giving up as a growth tool.

What Should I Give Up?

What Should I Give Up?

Discover the three things you should give up that hold you back from moving forward.

Other Things to Give Up

Find out some additional items to give up that may hold you back.

When Should I Give Up?

When Should I Give Up?

This lesson describes when you know you need to give up.

Why Should I Give Up?

Why Should I Give Up?

Oluwaseun explains why you should give up, telling how creativity, purpose, and an enlarged vision affect your growth.

It is Okay to Give Up

It is Okay to Give Up

In closing, it’s important to give up on the right things for the right reasons in order to grow!

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