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Michael Campbell has over 23 years of experience as a science educator and education consultant successful in designing and testing strategies that improve teaching and learning inside and outside of the traditional classroom. Additionally, Michael has been a successful mentor to youth and young adults in helping them design and validate their own unique approach to life while inspiring them to excellence in serving and enhancing life for others.

As a researcher trained in the Biological Sciences to design, test, titrate, and prove everything, Michael has identified that one of the most fulfilling approaches to life is to have a clearly defined, written, values-based purpose for living. His life and the lives of his clients attest to the power of purpose.

Michael is the author of Diabetes Annihilated ~Naturally (authored under the name of Dale Campbell) inspired by his own story of living with purpose to reverse his own diabetes. Strangely, the strength and determination for this is based on Michael’s success in overcoming his personal struggle for many years to build an identity that made sense to him. Analyzing and internalizing works by Steven Covey, Tony Robbins, Jeff Olson, Les Brown and several others regarding the power within, helped Michael find the answers that he needed to design his purpose. Michael further discovered several spectacular benefits -- through analysis and testing -- that by integrating values strategically, the human mind works automatically -- on our behalf -- to deliver our desired outcomes.

As a result of his research, Michael has also developed The SmarterVisionTM Life-optimization Experience that teaches how to successfully live by purpose and celebrate the experience every day. Michael’s purpose on this platform is to inspire young career professionals to leverage their academic education, career pursuits, developing relationships, along with special skills and interests to foster harmony, mental clarity, and a laser-like focus on their unique and deeply satisfying purpose for living.

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