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Running Effective Meetings - Live Webinar

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Alan Levy 90 min
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Running Effective Meetings - Live Webinar

Running Effective Meetings... Do you hate it when meetings go off-topic, consistently run late, or get hijacked? Do you feel like your meetings are generally a waste of time?

You are not alone! Everybody sits through bad meetings! Why? Because nobody teaches us how to run a meeting, let alone an effective one! Epee Education's mission is to correct this by providing the real-world topics that schools never teach.

Our very own Alan Levy, the President of Epee Education, is hosting a live webinar to discuss exactly this. Prior to starting Epee, Alan was a long time project manager. He has nearly two decades of experience in meetings with all variety of companies large and small. He will be sharing the best (and worst) practices he's seen across his experience to help you understand how to be running effective meetings too.

Please join us live on Zoom on Tues, Oct. 12 from 12:00-1:30pm (EDT).

  • Objective
    1. Learn about different types of meetings
    2. Learn to avoid unnecessary meetings
    3. Learn to avoid inviting unnecessary attendees
    4. Learn the key components of any effective meeting
    5. Learn to control your meetings – stay on schedule, prevent hijacking
    6. Learn to maximize the value of your meetings
    7. Meeting Minutes – If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen.
    8. Introduce the CommCell style of meeting
  • Topics
    1. Basic components of an effective meeting
    2. Considerations for different types of meetings
    3. Avoiding unnecessary meetings and unnecessary attendees
    4. Assigning meeting roles
    5. Keeping a meeting on schedule
    6. Preventing meetings from being hijacked
    7. Keeping meetings on-subject
    8. Assigning and tracking action items
    9. Agenda vs Minutes
    10. CommCell for recurring meetings
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