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Understanding Professional Relationships

Introduction , Leadership , Professional Communications , Project Management , Soft Skills

Michael Asher, PMP, CPM 30 min
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Understanding Professional Relationships

Michael Asher, Senior Project Manager from CRB, explains professional relationships.  They are different from personal relationships.  For us to be successful in most businesses, it is critically important to understand why they are different.  He further explains how to create strong, fruitful relationships within your company, with customers, and with clients.

  • Objective
    • Understand the distinction between personal and professional relationships
    • Understand the life-cycle of professional relationships to develop and manage them effectively
    • The value of understanding positive and negative emotions in a work setting
    • Using emotions as a tool to develop motivation and drive change
  • Topics
    • Developing and Managing professional relationships and the critical value this plays toward your success.
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