Tips for Conducting Good Meetings. Episode 3: Meeting Agendas that Drive Accountability

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Alan Levy 15 min
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Tips for Conducting Good Meetings. Episode 3: Meeting Agendas that Drive Accountability

Now that we understand the "Bad Meeting Gang" and how to control them, our Founder, Alan Levy, continues his series on running effective meetings.  So often meeting agendas and meeting minutes are skipped because people think they are a waste of time.  This could not be more wrong!!  They are actually the single biggest contributor to an effective meeting!  They give the manager the tools they need to ensure their team's work is coordinated and gets done on time and under budget!!

You ask, "Why do so many people not know this?"  As with all the Epee topics, this critically important stuff is never taught in school.  People only know what they pick up over the years from other people and companies.  Alan's no different, but being a consultant, his best practices are a compilation of the best practices of dozens of colleagues, companies, and clients.  Don't miss this one, even older professionals will very likely learn some new/better meeting techniques to bring back with them!

  • Objective
    • Learn how to develop an effective agenda.
    • Learn how to run an effective meeting.
    • Learn techniques to build accountability into the meeting so things actually get done.
  • Topics
    • Types of meetings
    • Expectations for attendance
    • Assigning meeting roles and why it’s so important in the meeting
    • Differences with kick-off meetings
    • Effectively managing team updates
    • Driving the new business conversation
    • Assigning, agreeing, and reviewing action items to ensure accountability
    • Techniques to deal with action items running past deadlines
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