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Sustainability - The Waste Hierarchy

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Alan Levy 30 min
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Sustainability - The Waste Hierarchy

Alan Levy, the Founder of Epee Education, takes us back to his time as the Global Sustainability Lead on a $500M program of capital projects across 8 pharmaceutical sites.  With this point of reference, he explains the concept of the Waste Hierarchy.  He also ties it into the Circular Economy and a concept he coined as "Financial Sustainability".

Alan discusses the massive value these concepts bring to projects.  They can generate major project savings while meeting your sustainability objectives and finding better use for project waste.  Using his actual sustainability program, Alan will help you understand how these concepts can be applied in the real world.  He will also provide his own learnings to help you implement this type of programming on your own.

  • Objective
    • Understand the Waste Hierarchy
    • Understand the concept of a Circular Economy
    • Learn how the Waste Hierarchy can be effectively implemented in an actual sustainability program
    • Learn ideas that you can use at your own schools and companies and on your own projects.
  • Topics
    • What is the Waste Hierarchy?
    • Understanding the Elements of the Waste Hierarchy
    • Application in an Actual Project
    • Value within Circular Economy
    • Tying back to Defining Principles
    • Lessons-Learned from Real Projects
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