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Sustainability - Starting a Corporate Sustainability Program

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Alan Levy 60 min
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Sustainability - Starting a Corporate Sustainability Program

Alan Levy, the Founder of Epee, taps into his prior experience leading a global sustainability program to explain the basics of Sustainability for Corporate Facilities.  This is the practical side of sustainability that you don't learn in school.  Alan discusses actually setting up a real-world corporate sustainability program.  Far beyond calculating emissions and efficiencies, this is what you'll actually do in the real world. A viable program must also provide the most "bang for your buck" for it to succeed.  Alan discusses dramatically reducing operational costs for energy and waste to accomplish this.  Operating sustainably in the financial sense, can also generate community interest and recognition for/from the company.  It's also a means to an end.  Once you get the company on-board, you can start working the less tangible sustainability goals. COMING SOON!!

  • Objective
    • Learn the basics of setting up a corporate program of work.
    • Develop a corporate sustainability program for your facility.
    • Identify low hanging fruit to generate “quick wins” to gain recognition and funding.
    • Learn ideas to dramatically reduce facility costs due to energy use and waste generation.
    • Learn the basics, and some difficult truths, of sustainability data collection and reporting.
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