Sustainability - Embodied Carbon - Lisa Conway, LEED-AP

Sustainability - Embodied Carbon

Embodied Carbon , Engineering , Sustainability

Lisa Conway, LEED®AP ID+C 30 min
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Sustainability - Embodied Carbon

What is "Embodied Carbon"?  Why should I care?  Lisa Conway is a leading figure in developing something that is a new concept to many of us.  She will explain that it represents the cumulative amount of carbon content that every single manufactured product in the world acquires during each step of its supply chain.  Because multiple companies add to it, this presents a number of real-world challenges in determining it's value and each company's contribution.

Please join this session to learn more about Embodied Carbon.  Lisa explains why this is critically important in understanding the full picture of carbon impact.  Her ongoing efforts to bring consistency and guidance to manufacturers across many industries are fascinating.

  • Objective

    From this session, you will learn:

    • What embodied carbon means
    • How embodied carbon impacts us every day
    • The challenges in determining embodied carbon
    • The challenges standardizing all of the above across manufacturers in multiple industries
    • Where to learn more about embodied carbon and how you can impact your own footprint
  • Topics
    • Sustainability, Embodied Carbon
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