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Recycling 101 - What actually happens to your waste?

Business , Engineering , Introduction , Sustainability

Fern Gookin, LEED AP 30 min
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Recycling 101 - What actually happens to your waste?

Let’s talk trash!  Everyone has it, but rarely do we consider what happens when you throw something ‘away’.

Here's a hint, it's not as simple as you think. Moreover, simply putting something in a recycle bin doesn't mean it's actually getting recycled.

Fern Gookin, Director of Sustainability at Revolution Recovery will explore the ideal closed-loop material cycle while uncovering imperfections in each stage of the process.  You’ll learn about how and why some materials are recycled and why others are not.  We’ll also discuss some promising new solutions that can help reduce waste going to our landfills.

  • Objective
    • Understand the 4 major components of the materials cycle
    • Explore problems and pitfalls that prevent the materials cycle from being a closed-loop system
    • Learn how certain materials are recovered and processed into new products
    • Get a basic understanding of new technologies and solutions that can help close the loop
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