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Real-World Projects - Solving Real-World Problems

Business , Engineering , Professional Development , Project Management

Philip Gonski, PE 90 min
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Real-World Projects - Solving Real-World Problems

School only teaches you so much.  Real-world projects come about because of a need to solve a real-wold problem.  They are frequently complex and require team members with widely different backgrounds and experiences.  When most of our education only covers small, stand-alone problems within our specific field of study, it can be daunting to establish a real-world project.  If you can't define the true breadth of a real-world problem, you cannot write an effective scope of work. Phil Gonski, PE, Project Manager from Burns Engineering and former Young Engineer of the Year, will share his experience understanding real-world problems to develop and run successful projects to solve them.

  • Objective
    • Appreciate real engineering problems are not well defined.
    • Learn how to develop scope and work breakdown.
    • Understand the role of the Project Manager in coordinating different functionalities.
    • Understand how multiple engineering disciplines work together.
    • Understand the value of stakeholder interaction, why it’s necessary, and why it gets challenging.
  • Topics
    • Understanding complex engineering problems and establishing a project to solve it.
    • Developing a scope and plan-of-action based on a general concept or large request.
    • Working the problem: Assigning engineering resources to solve each component
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