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Pursuing Success in Life and Your Career

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Alan Levy 30 min
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Pursuing Success in Life and Your Career

Success, it's like currency.  Everybody wants it, it takes time to earn, and it can be hard to come by.  Our Founder, Alan Levy, provides this complementary session to help everybody become more successful in their lives and careers. It's a unique conversation, since Alan is a study in diversity.  His career started on a catalytic converter production line, he then got into facilities engineering in the pharmaceutical world.  That led to project management in designing state of the art labs and leading a global sustainability program.  All the while mentoring students and young professionals in his free time, because that was what he was actually passionate about doing.  This led to the decision to start Epee Education, to help more students and young professionals be successful in their lives and careers.

  • Objective
    • Figure out what is most important to you
    • Laying the foundations, setting interim goals, and working toward your vision
    • Plan for risk
    • Self motivation and team motivation
    • Understanding start-ups and what to expect
    • Building on your success once you have it
  • Topics
    • Tips for pursuing and growing success in life.
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