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What's this about Investment Fees?

Introduction , Personal Development , Personal Finances

Nicholas Bucci CFP® 3 min
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What's this about Investment Fees?

In this short clip, Nicholas Bucci walks you through the basic things to know about Investment Fees. As with all Epee topics, this focuses on things that nobody teaches you. This is particularly is important, because having a basic awareness enables you to ask questions so people cannot take advantage of that. Let's remove on of those things you are unaware you don't know.

  • Objective

    Learn the three standard elements of investment fees:

    • Investment Advisory Fee
    • Custodial Fee
    • Management Fee (Expense Ratio)
  • Topics

    Learn the basic types and features of investment fees, so you’ll know if you should or should not question and/or accept them. This can influence your decision making in choosing a specific financial advisor, the firm they represent, and different types of mutual funds investments.

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