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Introduction to Real-World Sustainability

Business , Engineering , Introduction , Personal Development , Sustainability

Alan Levy 30 min
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Introduction to Real-World Sustainability

Alan Levy, the Founder of Epee, taps into his prior experience leading a global sustainability program to explain the basics of Sustainability in a real-world setting.  All too often Sustainability gets a bad rap, but it's SO much more than just Climate Change and "tree huggers".  This is the practical side of sustainability that even Environmental Engineering majors don't learn in school.  Alan will explain the different aspects of sustainability, and subsequent sessions will explore the different facets in more detail.

  • Objective
    • Understand the defining principles of Sustainability
    • Understand how the defining principles extend into 13 different primary facets of Sustainability
    • Understand how people’s perspectives affect sustainability.
    • Introduce my perspective on sustainability
    • Introduce the concept of Financial Sustainability
    • Introduce upcoming Sustainability programming on Epee
  • Topics
    • Defining principles of Sustainability
    • 13 Primary Categories of Sustainability

    • Financial Sustainability

    • Upcoming Sustainability programming on Epee

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