Intro to Real-World Project Management

Business , Engineering , Introduction , Project Management

Alan Levy 120 min
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Intro to Real-World Project Management

In the real-world, basically EVERYTHING is a project.  Our Founder Alan Levy spent 15 years of his career running all manner of projects, so he wanted to introduce everybody to these critical concepts himself.  For those more experienced, Alan shares the actual experiences from his portfolio of projects in the Pharmaceutical industry.  For those less experienced, Alan makes all of this understandable and relatable by showing how even projects around the house follow and benefit from the basic project management principles. NOTE:  Feel free to watch the full 2.5 hour video while we work to break up into 30-45 minute segments.

  • Objective
    • Understand why Project Management is important, and why nearly everything in the real-world is a project.
    • Define a project, program, and portfolio.
    • Gain some professional context into the different types of projects.
    • Define project phases and discuss how they apply and why they are important.
    • Discuss the basics of scope development
    • Apply scope development to complex, multi-discipline, real-world projects.
    • Learn the basics of cost and schedule development.
    • Learn about risk and change management.
    • Understand what a stakeholder is and is not.
    • Learn about stakeholder management and why it’s critically important.
  • Topics
    • What is project management and why is it useful to me? Basic concepts and definitions.
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