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Sustainability: Green Certifications

Engineering , Professional Development , Project Management , Sustainability

Ian Orme 33 min
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Sustainability: Green Certifications

Ian Orme, Associate Director of Sustainability for Mace Group in the UK, organized a virtual conversation with his international colleagues over the 9 most prevalent Green Certifications used by sustainability programs around the world.  You get to be a fly on the wall!!

Ian's colleague Gavin presents an overview of the various certifications, discusses their requirements, their differences, and their potential advantages to different projects/situations. This is followed by Q&A/Conversation around the team's global experiences with the various certs.

As with all Epee topics, schools do not teach this.  Beyond that, most corporate experience is limited to LEED in the US and BREEAM in the UK as well.  Epee was very happy to provide this course, because it is a rare opportunity to learn about many other green certifications and why you may want to consider them.

  • Objective
    • Gain an understanding of the requirements, strengths/weaknesses, costs, and level of difficulty/complexity for the 9 most prevalent global Green Certifications.
    • Learn the differences between the certification schemes.
    • Lean why you would choose one certification scheme over another.
  • Topics
    • LEED
    • BREEAM
    • GreenStar
    • Living Building Challenge
    • LEED Zero
    • Zero Carbon
    • WELL
    • FitWel
    • Edge
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