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Financial Advisor Fees Structure, Don't Get Manipulated!

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Nicholas Bucci CFP® 2 min
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Financial Advisor Fees Structure, Don't Get Manipulated!

This PSA from Nicholas Bucci provides critical questions to ask about the Financial Advisor fees structure used by different investment companies.  As with all Epee topics, this is something that schools do not teach.  It is particularly important because many parents do not know this either.

Young professionals need to be aware of these considerations, and the issues are not limited to hidden fees. A financial advisor fees structure can create incentives to manipulate you. For instance, to convince you to buy or sell stocks or mutual funds that are in THEIR interest but not yours. The "bad actors" are good at hiding this. You won't know you are being manipulated if you don't know to ask the questions. Thus the PSA.

This short clip provides three critical questions. Before agreeing to work with a financial advisor, make sure you like their answers. It won't ensure good financial advice, but you'll know they are working in your best interests.

  • Objective
    • Learn the three critical questions to ask a financial advisor about their fees structure before agreeing to work with them.
    • Learn to identify if they have hidden fees.
    • Learn to identify where their money comes from to avoid being manipulated by people or companies with ulterior financial interests.
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