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Entrepreneurship 101 - Part 1

Business , Entrepreneurship , Leadership , Soft Skills

Tom Bell 30 min
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Entrepreneurship 101 - Part 1

Tom Bell, the founder and CEO of Vertex Labs, explains the basics of entrepreneurship, the different forms it takes, and the value it brings to society.  Founding a successful company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, and several others prior to Vertex, Tom's loves his life as a "serial entrepreneur" and wants to share what that really means.

Please also watch Part 2 of this series to better understand what entrepreneurs actually do every day.


  • Objective
    • Understand the reality, risks, and complexity of entrepreneurship
    • Understand the value entrepreneurs bring to society

    • Entrepreneurship at all levels

  • Topics
    • Entrepreneurship, Risk vs Reward in Starting your Own Business
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