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Entrepreneurship 101 - Part 2

Business , Entrepreneurship , Leadership , Soft Skills

Tom Bell 60 min
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Entrepreneurship 101 - Part 2

Tom Bell, Founder and CEO of Vertex Labs, explains the basics of entrepreneurship, the different forms it takes, and the value it brings to society.  Founding a successful company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, and several others prior to Vertex, Tom's loves his life as a "serial entrepreneur" and wants to share what that really means.

We recommending watching Entrepreneurship 101 - Part 1 ahead of this session to better understand what entrepreneurs actually do every day.

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1 review for Entrepreneurship 101 – Part 2

  1. Alex William

    Being a young professional, who was lost with n number of things and simultaneously wanted to embrace personal ideas, I would say Epee Education is really helping. Epee really bridges the gap between the real world and academics. The course by Mr. Tom Bell helped me evaluate my ideas and implement them.

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