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Conducting Good Meetings: Ep. 1 - "The Issues"

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Alan Levy 3 min
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Conducting Good Meetings: Ep. 1 - "The Issues"

Everybody has sat through bad meetings, and if you haven' will. Why? Because neither high school nor university ever teach something as fundamentally important as how to actually run a meeting, let alone what a good meeting actually looks like! To bridge one of the more frustrating gaps between school and the real-world, Epee's Founder Alan Levy will provide some of his personal insight into meetings. This is the first of a series of short, free videos on Good Practices for Meetings. Episode 1 takes a look at the typical issues that frequently arise in bad meetings. The next episodes will dive into tips to addressing each of them.

  • Objective
    • Introduce problems commonly found in meetings.
    • Introduce upcoming sessions that address each of the four core problems.
  • Topics
    • OMG!  When will this be over?!
    • We needed decisions to be made, but no decisions were made.
    • We keep meeting, but nothing gets done.
    • Enough already!!  There are too many meetings!!
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