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College Admissions: the "Common App"

College Prep , Personal Development

Dr. Kevin Bukatman 37 min
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College Admissions: the "Common App"

Dr. Kevin Bukatman from College Planning Service USA wraps up his first Epee series with a detailed look at the Common App.

The Common App is a college admissions resource that did not exist for the parents of today's students.  Because of that, it's hard to help their kids use it correctly, let alone effectively.

As with all Epee courses, this is a topic that schools don't teach, where a basic understanding can prevent you from making some really costly mistakes.

  • Objective
    • Common App:
      • Understanding the purpose of the Common App
      • Learn how to fill out the Common App, what is required, best practices, and common mistakes
      • Learn how to use the Common App effectively for applying to different colleges
      • Learn best practices in reporting your Testing Scores
      • Learn best practices in reporting your Extracurricular Activities
      • Learn best practices and typical mistakes with Common App essays
      • Learn best practices and typical mistakes with Letters of Recommendation
      • Learn how to get your application fees waived if you are eligible.  If can save you hundreds of dollars.
    • Deeper dive on on Extracurricular Activities
      • Gain a better understanding of what College Admissions Committees are looking for in new students
      • Understand the importance of quality over quantity with extracurricular activities
      • Learn how college admissions committees assess the value of extracurricular activities so you can plan accordingly
      • Appreciate how “Leadership” has changed in college admissions, it’s no longer about holding a title/position
      • Learn to make yourself stand out when you don’t want to be the Leader
  • Topics
    • The Common App
      • General Background and why it was created
      • Resources about participating Universities
      • Best practices in filling out “Activities”
      • Best practices in filling out the “Essay”
      • Best practices in requesting/submitting “Letters of Recommendation”
      • Fees and Fee Waivers
    • Extracurricular Activities
      • Value in college admissions
      • Quality of roles > Quantity of activities
      • Changing viewpoint on “Leadership” for college admissions
      • Making yourself stand out if you are not (and don’t want to be) the Leader
      • Starting your own club around a personal interest.  You WILL stand out!
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