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Running Effective Meetings - Introducing the CommCell

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Alan Levy 23 min
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Running Effective Meetings - Introducing the CommCell

Previously, Epee Founder, Alan Levy talked about run effective meetings. This is a key area where we all suffer because schools never teach us this stuff. We only know whatever we glean from individual company managers, many of whom never received any training themselves. The previous sessions included a discussion on where meetings typically go wrong, the value of assigning meeting roles, the importance of a good agenda in every meeting, and what a good agenda looks like. This session, Alan is taking the conversation a step further to discuss an incredibly valuable style of meeting that even most seasoned professionals do not know...the CommCell. CommCells are AMAZING for daily/weekly recurring team and project meetings. By sitting on the cloud, they act as a team-accessible repository of key project info, while guaranteeing team and stakeholder needs are addressed, completely avoiding the need for separate meeting minutes, and promoting team accountability. In this session, Alan explains how a CommCell works while walking everybody through its use on an example project. Join us to add this valuable style of meeting to your professional repertoire!

  • Objective

    1. Learn what a CommCell is, how it works, and it’s points of value
    2. Learn the key project info that the team should have available
    3. Learn the value of team/stakeholder built agendas
    4. See how action items get assigned, reviewed, and actioned
    5. Identify the basic format of a risk management sheet
    6. Learn the value in maintaining a Success and Innovation Log

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