Megan Kelly - Epee Education
Megan Kelly

Mace Group, Director of Recruiting

Megan Kelly graduated from Seton Hal University with a double major in Communications and Business in 2012, just after launching a public relations firm focused on making PR tools accessible to small businesses.  After simultaneously running her small practice on the side, and completing a management training program with Target Corporation, Megan sold her business and found herself in the world of agency recruitment.  The fast-paced sales environment proved to be equal parts exciting, challenging and rewarding, but after several years of running a recruitment team, Megan began craving strategy again; and looked to find a role that would utilize all the skills she’d come to own.  Mace North America offered just that, and for the last few years, Megan has owned the people operations function for the construction consultancy.  She oversees recruitment, succession planning, retention strategy, and sits on the senior leadership team as a subject matter expert.  In her spare time, Megan enjoys writing and performing music, spending time with her friends and family, and helping young adults prepare to enter the job market.

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