Project Management and Scheduling – Because Time is Money

Everybody has a basic idea of project management and scheduling, but many people either do them so high-level that it’s meaningless or so excruciatingly detailed that they’re impossible to follow.  Austin Hodge, Director of Project Controls at GE Hitachi, will share his years of experience to help you understand how the professionals do it.  A good schedule is important!  When it’s done correctly, effective scheduling will save both time and money.

Project Scheduling - Because Time is Money

Project Scheduling - Because Time is Money
90 min
  • Understand a verity of Project Management Methodologies.
  • Know how to read and interpret a project schedule.
  • Understand the difference between tasks and milestones and how to use them effectively.
  • Know how task dependencies can impact a project.
  • Understand Critical Path Management and how it is calculated.
  • Understand how an accurate forecast will establish meaningful reporting

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