Job Hunting 101: Essential Tools and Techniques for Success

Job Hunting 101: Essential Tools and Techniques for Success

This course is designed to equip students and young professionals to successfully navigate the work market in order to commence their career with the right job opportunities. With the expertise from Meghan Kelly, this course will help the individuals to gain insightful skills and knowledge required to stand out in the competitive world and make efficient decision making.

Target Audience

This course mainly focuses on the young professionals including:

  • Last year College Students
  • Recent Graduates
  • Young Professionals
  • Anyone who wants to change their work field or want to start their career after a break

Course Prerequisites

This course requires no specific skill from the learners, instead it does need ample curiosity and willingness to acquire knowledge which is essential and will also help you in flourishing your career.


This course will help you:

  • Developing a strong personal brand in order to market yourself correctly to potential employers.
  • Preparing for the interviews and how to conduct yourself with the interview process.
  • Understanding the priorities of the employers for first time job seekers.
  • Building calculated and informed decisions about your career to make proactive choices for your career goals.

Topics Covered

This course will help you in gaining insightful information about the entire process of cracking your first job interview. The process includes:

  • Creating a professional brand image in order to become exquisite in the job market.
  • Strategies to create an effective resume and cover letter that highlight your skills, talents, and interests.
  • Steps to prepare for the interview process, including adequate ways to apply for the interviews, common questions, appropriate outfit, and efficient way of asking follow up questions.
  • Learning about what the employers expect when hiring for the entry-level position. Also, how to be presentable in front of them with confidence.

Course Modules

This course holds only one module that focuses on different professional tools and skills which is quite vital for the whole recruitment process. This includes:

Understanding the Job Market and How it affects Career Opportunities
Building a Strong Professional Image & Gaining Communication Skills
Taking effective steps for building resume and cover letters
Acing Interview Process in every Step
Planning & Mapping Career for am opportunistic future

By the End of this Course

You will inherit the entire culture of the job market and how to confidently present yourself in order to secure a good job. Along with that, you will also attain skills on how to make your resume and cover letter sound interesting, which is an essential part of getting any job. Moreover, you will have the idea of how to conduct yourself in a professional front and what interests you to achieve more in the career.

Enroll Now

Get yourself enrolled in the “Landing your First Job. Professional Tools, Recruiting, Getting it Right” course by the infamous Megyn Kelly to begin your career with the right guidance and knowledge that will not just help you in getting your first job but will also help in building your professional life.

Landing your First Job. Professional Tools, Recruiting, Getting it Right

Landing your First Job. Professional Tools, Recruiting, Getting it Right

This lesson includes:

  • Basic understanding of LinkedIn
  • Good practices for resumes
  • Understand what to expect and how to act during different types of interviews
  • Understand how to promote yourself effectively (self-branding)
  • Understand value of starting salary vs good experience
  • Professional Tools and Recruiting - LinkedIn, resumes, interviewing (live vs cell vs Skype)
  • What companies really want to know about you, importance of starting salary

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