Understanding the Learning Gap between Academics and Industry

Epee Education bridges the learning gap between what we’re taught in school and what we actually need to know in the real-world.  The majority of professionals have similar experiences where their education fails to teach most of what is asked of them professionally.  How his learning gap manifests is different in every field and industry, but the core systemic issue remains.  This is true in most countries around the world as well.

Emilie Pelletier, Founder and Partner of Orchestra Life Sciences, talked with Epee about how she identified and addressed these types of gaps early her career. 

Emilie was educated in Quebec, Canada and moved to the US to start a new branch of a consulting firm in her late 20s, so all these gaps truly came to the forefront for her.  She worked her way through these challenges so successfully that she was promoted to the US Managing Partner of that firm in her early 30s! 

Epee thought she’d be the perfect person to discuss the challenges she had to overcome and relate how she was able to accomplish it so successfully.

Intro to Epee - Understanding the Knowledge Gap between Academics and Industry

Intro to Epee - Understanding the Knowledge Gap between Academics and Industry

Emilie Pelletier talks about her experiences in:

  • Learn about the different areas impacted by the knowledge gap.
  • Understand how upcoming classes address the knowledge gap.
  • Gain an appreciation that people do so much more than just their college major.
  • Understand the importance of basic skills in business, project management, and sales/marketing for every engineer.
  • Learn why EQ is fundamentally important to being successful.

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