Our Changing Planet

Our Changing Planet is a discussion of Dr. Ema Kuhn’s personal observation on the reality of human behavior and its impacts on our planet. The topic is gigantic, and discussing everything in one lecture is impossible. Moreover, it is a topic that is constantly developing. This lesson will connect you mainly with what is happening in our oceans and polar regions, places that don’t belong in our day-to-day lives but are affected by every action we take.  


Carbon on Planet Earth, Greenhouse Gases, Rising Temperatures, Highest Temperatures registered so far in Antarctica and the Arctic, Permafrost, Arctic sea ice melting rate, Albedo Effect, Antarctica losing its ice shelves and ice sheet, Thwaites Glacier, Extreme weather, The instability of polar ecosystems and oceans, The problems: garbage, plastic, and fishing, Bioaccumulation, Antarctic krill, Ocean acidification, The 6th Mass extinction, The actions: carbon footprint and the 6 Rs.

Changing Planet

Starting with the Basics

In the first part of the lecture, we will learn about the characteristics and history of planet Earth. Where does the carbon come from? Why is our planet changing so fast? How are humans contributing to the changes?

Observations from the Poles

During the lecture, the data collected by scientists all over the world during decades of observation and data analyses and computer models will be shown in graphics and animations to prove that changes in our planet are being caused by the existence of humans and human behavior.  

Effects of Anthropocentrism

In the final part of the lesson, you will find the major problem causing the changes on our planet: anthropocentrism and the lack of responsibility of humanity regarding nature and the future of planet Earth. 

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