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Creating a College List: Fantasy vs. Reality

College Prep , Personal Development

Dr. Kevin Bukatman 42 min
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Creating a College List: Fantasy vs. Reality

Dr. Kevin Bukatman from College Planning Service USA talks with us about creating a list of potential colleges and universities. This is perhaps the most important part of the entire college application process... This course tackles the factors that go into creating the best list of schools for a student.  How many schools should a student apply to?  Would a large, medium, or small college or university be best?  Can we match the potential college major with the best schools offering that major?  Are “brand name” universities always the best choice? Starting with the best information will result in a list of schools that both students and parents can be happy about.

  • Objective
    • Discuss the factors that should go into a realistic college list.
    • Introspection to determine what is most important to you.
      • IMPORTANT: This is about you and what you think is important.  Choosing a college to please other people’s expectations can lead to bad decisions, an unhappy career, and decades of unnecessary debt.
    • Learn about the “Expected Family Contribution” and how it influences financial aid and overall college costs.
    • Marry your college goals with your family’s finances.
    • Your Schedule – Learn the critical deadlines.
    • Discuss in more detail some of college list criteria:
      • Majors and Learning Environment
      • Campus life
      • Application Process
      • AP Credit and associated placement policies
      • Costs before financial aid (MSRP)
      • Big Names Colleges (are they worth the cost?)
      • “Value” Universities – great programs, lower cost
      • Adaptability for future Career Opportunities
    • How to make yourself a great candidate.
    • Preparing yourself for a campus visit.
    • Learn what students and parents should do and look for during a campus visit (hint: not the same things).
    • Learn the appropriate follow-up after a campus visit.
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