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College Admissions Trends Today

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Dr. Kevin Bukatman 46 min
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College Admissions Trends Today

Dr. Kevin Bukatman from College Planning Services USA is back to talk with us about College Admissions Trends! We all know the costs of college go up every year, because very few of us really understand why this happens.  Kevin also talks about financial aid, the application process, school selection, and all the other things that have changed so much since today's parents went to school.

  • Objective
    • Gain a better understanding of today’s trends in college recruitment.
    • Learn what has changed since today’s parents went to school.
    • Learn the benefits and risks of pursuing “Early Decision” applications.
    • Learn the MAJOR difference between a university’s stated acceptance rate and a student’s actual chances of acceptance.
    • Understand the pluses and minus of applying to a wait-list.
    • Discuss the actual value of AP Classes in High School.
    • Understand the value of showing “Informed Interest” and how this can be accomplished with different universities.
    • Discuss the factors that go into creating a realistic college list.
    • Better understand the value of researching the colleges to learn what really differentiates them.
    • Discuss majors that lead to great careers which did not exist 20-30 years ago.
    • Learn about the changes to the scoring of standardized tests (SAT and ACT) and the ever increasing number of schools looking beyond standardized tests to assess students.
    • Learn how the university value assessment of high school extracurriculars has changed to quality over quantity.
    • Understand some of the non-tangibles that university admissions are looking for now.
    • Discuss the basics of the crucially important “Common App.”
    • Discuss the need to overcome the typical “Herd Mentality” among teenagers.
      • Standing out from the crowd is uncomfortable, but their success in life depends on it.
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